— Diversity


It is our mission to shake up the industry and truly make it a more diverse and inclusive place to be, and we represent the most talented individuals from underrepresented backgrounds at all levels across all disciplines within the Creative Industries.

We strive to help amazingly talented people reach their potential and help companies become more reflective of our society, and in turn more relevant and successful.


We bring the most talented people from underrepresented backgrounds into creative companies and help them succeed there. ​


— What makes us different?

Having founded and run Jolt Academy,  a unique diversity internship scheme for the creative industry, we have been championing and bringing the most talented people from underrepresented backgrounds into top creative companies since 2017.

Through JOLT we have built relationships with an unparalleled network of individuals who are invested in this space, leading initiatives and producing stand out work.

Because of JOLT we were awarded Campaign’s Trailblazer status for 'going above and beyond to impact change in the industry'.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

We will always seek out candidates from under-represented backgrounds as a core part of any search

We will always seek to use our long established diversity partner relationships to uncover hidden talent

We will never allow unconscious bias to affect our search and selection process

We will always offer clients unconscious bias training through our training partners

We will continually support placed candidates to ensure they feel part of the family in their new company

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